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Unending journey - Lukas Diessner
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How it is produced

Terms of production

My music is produced in digital softwares.

I use the pre-installed producing software

"Garage band" on my mac book.


I manly compose my music on an accoustic piano.

There I think about the harmonies I could use to express the ambience I have in my head on the most authentic way.

When you write harmonies, it is important to know in which emotional direction the listener should be brought by the music.

There are different types of harmonies that I use in different cases.

Often I mix up major and minor harmonies to create a unexpected suspense.


The next step is to increase the scope and complexity of the given notation, so that you later can extract the single roles of your instruments.


Here it is important to create a meaningful soundscape.

This means that every phrase is played by a specific instrument, which represents the mood, which is given by the harmony of the phrase.

So a bad orchestration would be to let

a dark and aggressive brass play a happy and colorful phrase, which should better be played by a flute.

But all this is the subjective decision of the componist himself and there are no "rules" of how to make music. Theres only a common way to do it.