About me

I am a young musician and filmmaker from Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany, born in the year 2003.

I produce multi media contents, mainly including photography, video- and musicproduction.

When it comes to audiovisual media-production, I mainly focus on Freiburg and its surroundings, including parts of French and Switzerland, where I try to display the close connection between nature and city-life, which is given in many cities around Freiburg.

My music-production focuses on film-scoring, classical music and Jazz. In my opinion, music is an important medium for mood-based expression and I even tried to figure out its anthropological meaning in my current project "The anthropology of music", featuring many artists and scientists from several different subjects.

I also play guitar and piano, where I focus on Jazz and music form the epoch of Barock, Classic, and Romantic.

My piano-compositions are mainly influenced by Chopin, Liszt and Beethoven.

Besides these artistic activities, I focus on scientific interests and participate at several science-based courses, seminars and competitions, including the Freiburg-Seminar and the SFZ, for example.